A whole different universe collided with another becoming into one. Will you fight for good or for evil?
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The year is the Samurai era being far off near the 1600's. One night however a story broke out and a large ray of light occured with each thunder storm. Out of the clouds appeared another world crashing into the already world of the era as we know it. Things started happening as the ways of living changed and people acted different, new weapons appeared as well as swords and the way of living became different. Many merchants believed it was the end of the world and some believe they are right for the technology had showed itself and many people had no clue how to work these things, while others want to use this for their own gain.

Some people want to stop the people from becoming more corrupted. Which side will your blade be on?

Groups/ Jobs
Iga, ninja who are kind and will do good for anything they believe in. They do not like the kouga very much for they do not listen to the pactment of ninja's and how they work.
Kouga, ninja's who do what they want and not abide by their allies orders
Samurai, believe what is right and wrong. Some however are confused and thus become corrupted
Merchant, sells things and seem to be the main target for the theives but they hold weapons for protection
Theif, will do anything for money even if it means stealing
Etc (Look in the bottom of the site to see the many groups you can join up in.)
The jobs have become hard to come up by and that is why many people travel.

(You can make up your own jobs. ^^ You can also have more than two jobs and or three.)

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Site's Plotline/ Other
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