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 Bushidō, This is your rules.

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Bushidō, This is your rules. Empty
PostSubject: Bushidō, This is your rules.   Bushidō, This is your rules. EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 5:09 pm

Scroll 1: "Respect!" Respect everyone, do not start a fight and or call any such foul bad names. People have feelings, treat them like how you want to be treated. Make everyone feel welcome, if you can not do that then you will be banned. First a warning and then after that no more chance you will be banned.

Scroll 2: "God-modding" This is not allowed, everyone has flaws and no one can be perfect. There is such a thing know as limits. If someone sends me a message about someone 'God-modding' then I will ban you for a short time. You are allowed to have weapons, armor, and shields. But please understand, everything has a limit. Be fair and we will not have any problems.

Scroll 3: "Romance" This is allowed but to a limit, It is fine to kiss, hug, and touch eachother but doing things over those lines such as sex. Please keep that to Pm's, if you understand and do this then everyone is going to beee just fine!

Scroll 4: "Death" Everyone can die, if the wound is fatal then chances are you may die from it unless treated, please understand that if someone doesn't want there character to die it is there choice not yours. If they however want someone to kill off their character then go at it. If your character dies, you are allowed to make another character.

Scroll 5: "Gadgets" Ninja's as well as others similar to a ninja may have these but please choose one kind of gadget. You are allowed to have two. Example: Ninja stars and Smoke Bombs. That is it, if I trust you enough you may have more. Sounds fair.

Scroll 6: "Many characters" Everyone is allowed to a limit of three characters, Pm me first and after that you are free to make your character. If someone doesn't Pm me then things will not be fun for both me and others cause believe me, if someone does something without telling me then I may have to let it out on you. >.> I'm hard to make mad though, but please I trust you.
I'm just saying this as a warning.

Scroll 7: "Canon Characters" No copying the anime. You make your own character but you may use there pictures. After all pictures are fun to look for and you may find some interesting pictures.

Scroll 8: Have Fun!?!

Page 1: No Pornographic pictures, that is a defineate no! I'll allow Pm stuff but not pictures and what not. At least keep things you know manageable between PG- PG-13 okay?

Page 2: Marrying other characters is allowed, but please keep things between you and your partner in Pm's. Sound fair right?

Page 3: If someone wants to role-play with someone then please Pm them first or ask in the Role-play Request that I will be adding.

Page 4: Understand people, this is a Samurai fused with another world. Everything is differet as well as fun and there are no limits to what you can do. Sounds cool right. I also want you all to try and spell everything right. If someone does not understand you the Rping will not be at all fun.

Page 5: You may Role-play in anyway you want, if those that wish to type up three sentences which is known as a paragraph, please do so. But this is a Role-play fourm. If you talk bad about a person because they post one liners and what not is going against Rule 1. Respect People. We are here to have fun, and if you put down on a person because of how they post. Something bad will indeed happen. >.> Everyone has feelings and please respect that.

That is all unless later. Have any questions then Pm me.

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Bushidō, This is your rules.
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